The Patriot Project

The differences between Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals are as clear as night and day. Those who would say they are basically the same clearly don’t pay attention to the world around them.

As a Conservative I’m expected to keep quiet, do as I’m told and take a political beating on a daily basis.  The left can basically say and do whatever they want with little, if any, regard for the truth because the main stream media is filled with leftists who abdicated their constitutional role.  Rather than investigate and report the news, they’ve moved into molding the news to include stretching the truth, modifying it and flat out ignoring it when it serves their purpose.  They’ve basically become an arm of the Democratic party.

Honestly, I’ve grown tired of being told I’m stupid, racist, sexist, homophobic and many other things because I have different views.  The reality is that my views and positions are the same as our founding fathers.

Radio talk show host, lawyer, former Reagan White House employee and Patriot Mark Levin I believe summed it up best in the title of his book “Liberty and Tyranny”. Liberty to live your life in freedom, or the tyranny of a federal government that spends 25% of every dollar created in the country and believes you exist to serve it in one way or another.

The arrogance of people who believe they know better how you should live your life and seek to control it is a concept I simply can’t get my head around.  It is nothing less than pure evil.

This blog is one way I can fight back. It’s not a big way but it’s a start.  I fully expect that some, probably many, who visit and read will not agree with what I write. That’s OK. Freedom means allowing others the freedom to disagree.  Unlike Liberals, Conservatives can handle it when people disagree with us.  Liberals, on the other hand, seek to silence those who disagree with them and, if you refuse to silence yourself, they will seek to do it for you. The sign of small minds.

By all means questions, opposing views, responses, etc are all welcome. I chose Word Press specifically for its ability to allow others to respond.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Otherwise, enjoy.





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