Here’s a great article telling you everything you need to know about taxes and why higher taxes don’t bring in more money to any government but simply scare aware the job creators.

This is where the United States is headed if we don’t change our direction away from the Socialist, welfare state mentality.

Take a look a the chart on the left of page 2 of the article.  Russia has the lowest individual income tax rate of all those countries.

Finally, notice what is NOT said in the article.  There is almost no mention of cutting back on government spending.

Whether it’s France, The United States or any other nation, it is NOT the government’s job to create jobs or provide for its citizens every want and need.  No government can and any government that tells you it can simply wants to control its people.  Freedom means the freedom to fail as much as the freedom to succeed. The Federal Government’s job is to protect our borders and little else.  The best thing Government can do to help the economy, any economy, is get out of the way.  This isn’t to say there shouldn’t be any laws and regulations at all but too much of anything is a bad thing.