It’s taken me a few days to step back from the ledge after the election. Now that I’ve had some time to calm down I thought I’d give you a glimpse at what a second term of Obama means.

Before I start I want to say that I predicted, in writing, that Obama would run for a second term, at least in part, on the concept that it took more than four years to get to where we were when he was elected so it would take more than four years to fix it. I was right. What I didn’t predict was that Obama would spend ALL of his first term blaming Bush. The question is, who’s he going to blame in his second term?

So here is what a second Obama term means.


  1. The full and complete truth about what happened in Bengazi that lead to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2012 and failed to keep our ambassador and three hero’s from being murder will NEVER be revealed. There will be no serious investigation because Erik Holder won’t allow it. Even if he’s replaced his predecessor will be appointed by Obama. There’s no way he’s going to appoint someone who will seriously investigate his tragic lack of leadership and failed foreign policy.
  2. The fact that David Petraeus suddenly resigned and stated an affair as the reason just days after the election and just days before he was to testify on Bengazi is, as one person said, “Timing is just too perfect.”
  3. And Hillary declines to testify before the House because of her schedule? Excuse me? The House isn’t asking. You are an employee of the United States government Hillary. You change your schedule to fit the hearing.


  1. One of the biggest losers in the 2012 election was Israel. While Obama claims that he is the best friend Israel has ever had in the office of the US president, he’s actually the worst. Iran is building a nuclear weapon and once they have it, Israel’s days are numbered. Obama either fails to see the seriousness of the issue or, worse, he doesn’t care. Or even worse, as a Muslim he wants Israel destroyed. I vote #3.
  2. Yes. I called Obama a Muslim. Why? Because he is one. I don’t care what he claims to be. His actions and even his own words show him to be a Muslim. & When 85% of American Muslims support Obama, it isn’t because he’s a Christian.


  1. As I said above, Iran IS building a nuclear weapon. With Obama in the oval office for another four years they will have plenty of time to complete the process and build an arsenal. Israel’s only defense is to attack Iran’s nuclear process to set them back. But with Obama, rather than having the United Sates as an ally, Israel stands alone. Without the US having it’s back, Israel risks all out war with the Arab world if they attack Iran.

Oil, Gas and alternative energy

  1. Obama stated when he was running for President in 2008 that, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” He’s been working toward that end in his first term using the EPA to punish the coal industry which in turn raises the cost of energy.
  2. Obama shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP spill of 2010 and it’s still shut down despite a court order to the contrary.
  3. Fracking has opened up billions of barrels of oil in the US but, because the Obama administration won’t allow drilling on public lands, it’s limited to private lands.
  4. The cost of a gallon of gas when Bush left office was about $1.84. Under Obama it’s doubled and, at times, then some.
  5. Obama spend billions of tax dollars on alternative energy. He gave Solyndra $535 Million and the company folded in bankruptcy less than two years later. How you can spend $500 million and still fail in a small business is incredible. $193 million went to Fisker Automotive before the government decided they hadn’t met milestones to receive more of the $528 million “loan”.
  6. With a second term, expect energy prices to go through the roof. Expect to be paying $5 to $6 per gallon if we’re lucky for gas to get to work. That is, if you have a job.Think about this. If the price of tomatoes goes up, just tomatoes go up. If the price of sugar goes up, only things made with sugar go up in price. But everything you buy from any place in the world is transported in one way or another by gas. If the price of gas goes up, the price of EVERYTHING goes up. I challenge you to name a physical product you can own, use or sell that isn’t delivered by gas

Value of the dollar

  1. Under the first Obama term we’ve seen two Quantitative Easings. QE. Basically the government is printing new money to inject cash into the economy. Actually, they aren’t even printing it but digitizing it which basically means they open up the spreadsheet and add numbers to it. The problem with this is that when the Federal Government “prints” more money, the money you have in your pocket or in the bank is worth less. So now the value of the dollar is diminished which means inflation. If you’re a business and you sell a product for $5 that costs you $3 to make, when it now costs you $4 to make you raise the price to $6 to continue building your company.
  2. When people have the same amount of money in their pocket but the price of goods and services goes up, they are forced to do with less or without which means they spend less in stores. Fewer people spending their money in stores means lower revenue for companies leading to cutting costs to remain profitable. That means laying off workers. And the cycle continues.

National debt

  1. Obama called Bush irresponsible and un-Patriotic for adding $4 trillion in debt over eight years. Now I’ll be the first to tell you that I disagree with adding that much, or any, dept also. But Obama added six trillion in just four years to the same debt. In fact, Obama has had $1 trillion and larger deficits each of his first four years.
  2. The Senate is required by law to pass a budget each and every year yet has not passed a budget in over four years.
  3. A second Obama term with Liberals in charge of the Senate means no budget will be offered or passed and they will just continue to spend whatever money they want without check or balance. The national debt is now over $17 Trillion. It is projected to be between twenty and twenty one Trillion by 2016. I would say that’s probably going to be a low figure.

Fast and furious

  1. Just like Bengazi, Fast and Furious will never be fully investigated and those responsible for allowing guns to be transferred into the hands of drug dealers and the murder of at least one border agent will never be solved. The Obama administration has hemmed and hawed and done their best to hide whatever actually happened. The House held Erik Holder in contempt and still nothing happened because the Liberals in the Senate wouldn’t even bring it up for discussion.


  1. I’m really not sure what’s going to happen on immigration except to say that it isn’t going to be good for the United States. At a time when we need to be strengthening our borders against any and all threats to our security, Obama actually sued Arizona for doing the job the Federal Government refuses to do.

Government grows and the number of people dependent on government goes up

  1. In ALL aspects of our lives the Federal Government continues to intrude and become oppressive.
  2. The number of people on food stamps is the highest in history
  3. Obamacare is the law which means you have to buy a product whether you want it or not or you’ll be fined.

Taxes go up

  1. You may think that only the rich will see higher taxes under Obama. But the reality is when taxes go up on business, they actually go up on everyone. The first order of business for every business is to stay in business. Every penny of tax a company pays to city, state and federal government comes from their customers. Whether it’s a giant corporation like GE or your local dry cleaner, when the government raises taxes on a company, the company has no choice but to raise the cost of its product or service. It’s just a fact.

Employment goes down

  1. There is actually another way for a company to deal with higher taxes without raising prices. They lay off workers.
  2. Again, the first order of business is to stay in business. Raising prices may work but it may drive off customers. Reducing the size of your workforce eliminates high overhead costs without affecting the customer. The worst part of this is that when companies trim the fat they often realize they never needed it. Even when things get better they may not hire back as many people as they laid off.

Freedoms and liberties go down

  1. Drones are being used for surveillance here in the United States.
  3. We’re going to see more and more of our Constitutional rights trampled on. It’s impossible to say exactly what that will look like but expect things like limitations on travel under certain circumstances, limitations on our freedom of speech, increased restrictions on our right to bear arms etc.

Russia and China grow stronger

  1. Obama told Russia’s outgoing president Medvedev “After my election I have more flexibility.” Flexibility for what?
  2. Obama has not only NOT stood up to China, but by borrowing more and more money from China he has less and less leverage even if he wanted to.

US Military grows weaker

  1. As with all Liberals, the one place they are more than willing to cut spending is the military. One of the few things the federal government is actually called to do. At a time when our national security is threatened from more directions than ever before, Obama and the left scream bloody murder when a social program is mentioned but will take every dime they can from the military.

Radical Muslims grow in strength and gain ground in both power and countries controlled

  1. In Obama’s first term we saw radical Muslims rise up and take control of countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and others. Obama didn’t just ignore their rise, he encouraged and applauded it. In Libya he used to the military to “lead from behind”.
  2. In a second Obama term we will see these countries grow in strength and become problems we don’t need.

Keystone pipeline doesn’t happen

  1. Obama refused to approve the Keystone pipeline which would allow oil from Canada to be shipped into the US and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
  2. In his second term the pipeline will continue to be opposed by him and probably won’t happen which means Canada will end up shipping their oil by sea to other countries… like China

That’s a partial list but it’s a list of devastating consequences as a result of Obama having a second term and not a single one of them is good.

If you voted for Obama in 2008 you can be forgiven. While a lot was known about him even then, the media portrayed him as basically whatever anyone wanted to see him as.
But after four years of actions and policies that can only be described as devastatingly stupid or purposely destructive, if you voted for Obama again in 2012, you are directly responsible for the results of his second term.