I’ve been a solid Republican supporter pushing on thirty years now and have not missed an election. When the Republicans won control of both houses of congress for the first time in forty years in 1994, I took pride in knowing I helped. When George W. beat Algore in 2000 I was elated. In 2008 I held my nose, voted for McCain because he was the lesser or two bad choices, and openly said that Sarah Palin should have been on the top of the ticket. In 2012 I saw Romney as not much better than McCain but hoped he could beat Obama so I voted for him.

Some wins, some losses but one thing remained constant.  There was no true Conservative option to vote for.  I am not a Bush basher and I believe W is a good man.  I didn’t agree with all his policy’s and decisions but I believe he did what he thought was in the best interest of this country. So much so that he refrained from defending himself on multiple occasions after being viscously attacked by Liberals in the media and the Democrat party. But I repeat myself. Even today after six years of the boy child Muslim Obama still blaming everything on him, President Bush refuses to say anything that may degrade the office of the president. That’s class. That’s Presidential.

But George W. Bush isn’t on the ballot and the Republican party has been little more than a spec in Obama’s mirror as he and the Democrats drive the country full speed ahead towards disaster. Our “leaders” have not only refused to put up any real fight, but have repeatedly attacked those precious few like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who actually possess a spine and use it.

During the primaries earlier this year the Republican establishment engaged in tactics against Conservative challengers that can only be described as desperate and despicable.  Just a couple of examples include:

  1. In Michigan Senator Thad Cochran robocalled black Democrat voters to cross over and vote for him saying that Chris McDaniel’s opposition to Obama was strictly racist. Cochran enjoyed the full support of the Republican leadership and was congratulated by them when he won. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cpp6cYZrrcs
  2. In Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell ran hard against his Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin and said “theTea Party movement, in his view, is ‘nothing but a bunch of bullies’ that he plans to ‘punch … in the nose.’ “

Both John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have been deafeningly silent on virtually every issue.  The best Boehner could do was to sue Obama for exceeding his constitutional authority and even that has been dropped.

In every battle and at every turn the Republican leadership either will not fight at best or attack their own at worst. Boehner has said repeatedly that impeachment is off the table regardless of what Obama does.  We complain about Obama running roughshod over the Constitution but when he knows no one is going to hold him accountable what’s there to stop him?

When it came to the budget battle both Boehner and McConnell negotiated defeat with themselves after taking a government shutdown off the table.  They didn’t just flinch, they tucked tail and ran in retreat before they even met the enemy on the field of battle.

When Eric Cantor was defeated by Tea Party challenger David Brat the message was clear that his loss was because he was too liberal as majority leader voting to fully fund Obamacare and pushing for immigration amnesty among other positions.  So what does the leadership do? They elect Kevin McCarthy as his replacement who is decidedly more liberal than Cantor was.

Time after time the Republican leadership actively works against its base and even its own members while putting up token resistance at best against the Left.

The Republicans are poised to take control of the Senate and gain seats in the House on Tuesday and all signs indicate it will be an ugly night for Liberals.  But based on what the Republicans have done over the last decade or so how does that help us?  So they control the Senate and will be able to pass bills in both Houses rather than having them collect dust on Harry Reid’s desk.  Obama still isn’t going to sign them.  “But what if they somehow get sixty seats and have a veto-proof majority?”.  So? Obama will simply impose some unlawful executive order to reverse it, which the Republicans simply ignore.

Consider this as well.  Obama has two more years and is not up for election again.  The Republicans will not impeach him for anything and anyone who thinks he has more concern for the 2016 election prospects of Democrats over “fundamental transforming this country” hasn’t been paying attention for the past six years.  The next two years will be a mad dash as Obama works to impose as many damaging policies upon our country as humanly possible (between golf outings of course).  Without a Republican leadership to oppose him the charge to socialism will be full speed ahead.

Meanwhile we’ve sent Republicans the message that we support them solidifying in their minds that we approve of them and their actions, or lack thereof.

The reality is we’re not so much voting for them as we are against Obama but what difference will it make?

Whatever the result Tuesday my vote, or lack thereof, will not make a significant difference. I want to make it clear that I am not encouraging others to not vote or trying to discourage them from voting.  If the Republican leadership had the possibility of changing to actual “leadership” or Conservatives were poised to make significant gains I would be all over voting.  If I thought Wendy Davis actually had a prayer of becoming the next Texas governor I’d vote to keep that from happening.  But none of these are the case.

Unlike Michelle Obama, I am and always have been proud of my country.  But the vast majority of people charged with leading my country are liars, cheats, thieves and dregs who seek their own gain even to the detriment of the country and people who elected them.  So for this year, I am taking my ball and going home.